Banned from server.

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Banned from server.

Beitrag von Yurgend am So Apr 22, 2012 1:32 pm

Sorry, for asking in English, but my German is too bad fot that.

Can anyone give me answer why I'm banned from =GRS= server with the reason "beaconcamping"? That time it was Tunis and I was sniper. I saw enemy pod and ran there to destroy the beacon. Ppl are smart nowadays and beacon was lying somewhere in bushes. The time I was seeking the beacon somebody tried to get my tag from behind, but failed. I took my knife and we started our duel.  Few secs later somebody in pod(with GRS tag) dropped behind me. He was assault with FA-37. He tried to shoot me, but somehow killed his teammate(that with knife) and next sec get knifed by me. 20 secs later i saw "ban for beaconcamping". I thought that there was no rule for beacon camping on GRS server(though i never camp beacons), but plz, show me the SNIPER with SNIPING RIFLE, GRUBER and ACTIVE CAMO who is insane enough to camp the beacon. Because it seems that I'm the one that stupid to try it.




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